Premises location

The plot where the premises are located (POCOMACO Industrial Estate, please see below) has an area of 3000 m2, 1800 m2 of which belong to the premises. It counts 19 docking bays and 2 acces ramps for fork-lifts and vans; we have our own fleet, as well as external collaborators.

Google Satelite View of Puga Transports

Industrial estate location and accesses

The industrial estate is located in the Mesoiro valley, belonging to La Coruña council, 5 Km. away from the city centre.

See bigger map at Google

There are two accesses: the first one from San Cristóbal Avnue., through the Diputación Provincial road, and a new access from Lavedra Av.; from this second access, the "Plan General de La Coruña" -currently under writing- provides for a 5,5 Km road that would link with the motorway to Madrid at the Orro place, where it's already been built a big link named as "Enlace de Pocomaco".

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